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Anti Slip Products Supplier in UAE | Official Distributor for Safety Step Australia: We are the only Official Distributor for Safety Step International. Safety Step International founded in Auckland , New Zealand in 1993. Growing from a small local business to a world leading, multi-national manufacturing, exporting company has involved many changes. But we don’t change our values of quality, reliability and honesty that our clients have appreciated for over two decades.

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Address: Takmeel Global General Trading Office#315 Makatib Building
PO Box 85250 Port Saeed Deira, Dubai, UAE.

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Why you need anti slip products?

If you’d like your employees to become more comfortable and secure it is crucial that you clean and then treat your floors with an anti slip products. It will prevent any harmful injuries happening at work.

There are many reasons that we have to use these products in work place as well as in our home. Different products are available in market to use in different places. It is a vital part of providing a comfortable environment for your staff to operate in daily without having to worry about slipping and hurting themselves.


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  • Stairs and Steps
  • Floors and Ramps
  • Ladders

Stair and Steps

Most injuries on steps occur through your foot slipping at the leading edge of a step. This is especially the case when the leading edge of the metal, wood or concrete step surface becomes worn and the edge rounded. Water, ice, dust, dirt, grease or oil on the stairs further increase the problem, making for a particularly dangerous condition.

We designed these anti slip stair and steps cover to transform this danger zone on steps into a safe. These covers are pre-designed and ready to install at your work place. It is very easy to install these covers. These covers are risk free from being loosened by vibrations or heavy use. best baby toys

Below are some extraordinary features for these covers:

  • Flame retardant.
  • Lightweight.
  • Available with in-built Glow In The Dark capability.
  • Can be cut, shaped and drilled on-site.

You can find complete detail Here.

Floors and Ramps

Plain surface walkways can often be just as dangerous as stairways, especially when it has water, oil or other lubricants on it. Fitting high grip and high visibility ANTI SLIP WALKWAY COVERS over your existing walkway surface is a fast, permanent and highly effective way to increase safety.

Our walkway covers are lightweight and available in wide range of sizes. These covers are also available in glow for dark emergency.

You can find complete detail Here.


Safety Step ladder rung covers instantly create a long lasting, high traction surface on any ladder, enhancing grip, greatly improving safety and also improving comfort on the ladder by increasing the surface area in contact with the foot.

Our ladders are ready to install. These are the most durable ladder safety product available today. You can find more detail for these ladders Here.

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