Clippard Valves in UAE: The Benefits of Miniature Pneumatic Valves for Various Industries

The Benefits of Miniature Pneumatic Valves for Various Industries

Are you in search of high-quality, reliable, and efficient pneumatic valves for your industrial applications? Look no further than Clippard valves. Takmeel General Trading LLC proudly serves as the official distributor of Clippard valves in the UAE.

Clippard, a leading manufacturer of miniature pneumatic valves, specializes in ultra-low leak, precision pressure control, and high-resolution flow control. The Minimatic® line boasts over 5,000 standard pneumatic valves, fittings, and components.

In this blog post, let’s delve into the advantages of Clippard valves in UAE and how they contribute to optimal performance and productivity across diverse industries like manufacturing, processing, chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, drilling, marine, mining, and more.

Understanding Pneumatic Valves and Their Operation

Pneumatic valves are crucial devices that manage the flow of pressurized air or gas in pneumatic systems, which use compressed air or gas as a power source for mechanical work. These valves come in various types such as flow control valves, pressure control valves, directional control valves, check valves, pulse valves, and more, each serving specific functions based on their configuration.

The operation of pneumatic valves involves the controlled opening and closing of the passage for air or gas, achieved manually, electrically, or pneumatically. The mechanisms controlling this action include spools, poppets, diaphragms, pistons, or solenoids. Valves can be normally open (NO), normally closed (NC), or fully ported (FP), depending on their default state when no power is applied.

Benefits of Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatic valves offer several advantages compared to hydraulic or electric valves, making them a preferred choice in various applications:

  • Cost-Effective: Pneumatic valves are generally more affordable due to simpler components and lower maintenance requirements. They also consume less energy as they operate on compressed air or gas.
  • Reliable: A simple design with few moving parts reduces the risk of failure and wear. Pneumatic valves are resistant to corrosion, dust, moisture, and high temperatures, making them suitable for harsh environments.
  • Safe: Inherently safe, pneumatic valves do not pose fire or explosion hazards, and built-in safety features like pressure relief valves prevent overpressure and system damage.
  • Fast: Pneumatic valves boast high response and cycle times, moving large volumes of air or gas quickly and efficiently. Low inertia allows rapid acceleration and deceleration, ideal for dynamic and precise applications.
  • Flexible: Versatile and adaptable, pneumatic valves can be easily configured and modified to suit different applications and requirements. They can integrate seamlessly with other pneumatic components for complex systems.

Introducing Clippard Valves

Clippard valves, designed and manufactured since 1941, stand out for their high quality, performance, and durability. Crafted from durable brass or stainless steel materials, Clippard valves undergo 100% testing to ensure the highest standards.

Available in various models, sizes, and configurations, Clippard valves offer unique features and benefits:

  • Ultra-Low Leak: Clippard valves feature a unique seal design, minimizing air or gas leakage and enhancing system efficiency. Achieving leak rates as low as 08 sccm at 100 psig ensures exceptional performance.
  • Precision Pressure Control: Offering precise and consistent control over air or gas pressure, Clippard valves allow fine-tuning and optimization of the system. Regulating pressure from 0 to 300 psig with a resolution of 1 psig and a repeatability of ±0.1%.
  • High-Resolution Flow Control: Clippard valves provide high-resolution and linear control over air or gas flow, enabling smooth and accurate movement and positioning. Controlling flow from 0 to 28 scfm with a resolution of 001 scfm and a repeatability of ±0.5%.

Applications Across Industries

Clippard valves find applications across diverse industries:

  • Manufacturing: Enhancing the speed, accuracy, quality, and safety of manufacturing processes.
  • Processing: Optimizing the efficiency, reliability, and performance of fluid and gas processing systems.
  • Chemical: Safely handling and manipulating corrosive and hazardous chemicals in various chemical processes.
  • Oil and Gas: Improving productivity, profitability, and safety in drilling, extraction, transportation, storage, and distribution.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Ensuring the quality, purity, and efficacy of pharmaceutical products in various processes.
  • Drilling: Enhancing the performance, efficiency, and safety of drilling processes.
  • Marine: Improving the maneuverability, stability, and functionality of marine systems.
  • Mining: Increasing the productivity, profitability, and safety of mining operations.

Where to Find Clippard Valves in UAE

If you’re interested in acquiring Clippard valves in UAE, reach out to us at Takmeel Global Trading LLC. As a leading supplier of industrial products and solutions, we offer a wide range of products from various brands and manufacturers. Visit our website at www.takmeelglobal.com or call us at +971 4 227 9283 for more information.


Clippard valves, renowned for their ultra-low leak, precision pressure control, and high-resolution flow control, offer numerous benefits across industries. For optimal performance and productivity in your pneumatic systems, choose Clippard valves through Takmeel Global Trading LLC, your official distributor in the UAE. We are committed to providing the best quality, price, and service for your pneumatic needs.”

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