Bolting Tools, Industrial Fans/Blowers


Torc Star

Takmeel Global is Official Distributor of Torc Star in GCC

General Tools

Dealing in a wide range of general tools and also Bolting and Tensioning equipments and accessories like Impact sockets, bolt tensioners, hydraulic pumps, hand pumps, syncro lift systems, hydraulic hoses, mechanical nuts, hydraulic nuts, special tools

Hydraluic Bolt Tensioners

Bolt Tensioners are High Precision, fast and safe equipment tool. One model of Bolt Tensioners can be used with many sizes of bolts and results in better efficiency & user-friendly than other tools. Bolt tensioners can also be operated by Hand pump.


Pneumatic source driving, suitable for special working condition, which electric is forbidden.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

THTW hydraulic torque wrench series is the professional hydraulic torque wrench which Torcstar vigorously extends in international market. Its raw material is aluminium-titanium alloy which makes the wrench light and high intense. Hydraulic Torque comes in two series has 5-8 models with the range from 112N.m to 72000N.m; covers the most of bolts size, and be the most comprehensive available in the market.


KM Kinley

Takmeel Global is Official Distributor of KM Kinley in GCC

Cobolot Rig Bug Blower

COBOLT Explosion Proof Blower / Bug Blower is of NON-Sparking Series having diameter of 40" & 50" Assembled in Singapore.

Industrial Fans

Large warehouse cooling fans, known as HVLS (High-Volume, Low-Speed) fans, are an effective and efficient way to keep your warehouse safe, comfortable, and productive.

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