Drilling Rig Equipments & Spares

Master Bushing

A device that fits into the rotary table to accommodate the slips and drive the kelly bushing so that the rotating motion of the rotary table can be transmitted to the kelly.

Mud Bucket

A mud bucket is a containment vessel for the drilling fluid and slurry during the unscrewing of a drill pipe. This ensures that there are no dangerous spills on the drill floor that can cause workers to slip and injure themselves.

Drill Collar Slips

Multi-segment design to fit all drill collars within the slip's size range. Slip segments made of heat-treated alloy steel for strength and resistance to wear. Load rated and has an API tape of 4”/ft on the diameter. Provided with safety flex handles as a standard option.

Rotary Slips

Rotary Slips consist of segments containing inserts that fit around the drill pipe and grip so the pipe does not move down hole. The Rotary Slip is designed to sit inside an insert bowl in the rotary table and apply even pressure around the joint of drill pipe.

Tong Dies

While running in or pulling out tubulars at oil rigs the joints (tool joints) are tightened or loosened with the help of manual tongs or power tongs. Dies are the principal element in the Manual Tongs and Power Tongs which carry out the job of gripping the tool joints, before torque application.

Shale Shaker Screen

Shale Shaker Screens are drilling equipment components used in a variety of industries, including coal processing, mining, and oil and gas drilling.

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