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Matherne Instrumentation

Takmeel Global is Official Distributor of Matherne Instrumentation in GCC

Pressure Indicator System

Matherne Instrumentation’s single pointer pressure system is designed to provide a fast and precise check of pump pressure. This system can help detect mud pump operational problems, such as washed out drill pipe or bit nozzle problems. The system consists of a 6” pressure indicator, a standard 50 ft. high pressure hose, and is designed for use with a diaphragm protector, piston isolator, or debooster to separate well fluids from the system’s internal parts.

Torque Indicator System

Matherne Instrumentation’s universal tong line pull system is designed to assure uniform and proper make-up of the string by indicating accurate torque applied to each joint when running pipe or casing. Our tong torque gauges can help reduce drill collar and tool joint failure resulting from improper make-up.

Chart Recorders

Matherne Instrumentation’s drilling recorder system is designed to monitor up to 7 drilling functions. The system is completely mechanical, needs no electrical power to operate, and is easily connected to existing instrumentation through the use of quick disconnects. The system is portable, durable, and easily operated and maintained by onsite personnel.

Weight Indicator System

Matherne Instrumentation’s anchor type weight indicator system is designed to give accurate readings of hook load and weight on bit. The system is designed to work with all major deadline anchors using a tension or compression loadcell.

Deadline Anchors

Matherne Instrumentation’s deadline anchor’s are specifically designed to meet your requirements – for any and all working environments. They are fabricated from high-grade structural steel and welded. Aluminum bronze wireline clamp inserts provide a secure cable grip without line damage.

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