Spools, Clamps & Hubs

Pup Joints

Windlass manufactures Pup Joints with integral hammer lug union end connections. This enables faster, easier make-up and break-out of temporary flow lines.

Swivel Joints

Windlass manufactures Swivel Joints which are metallic pipe fittings with integral ball-bearing swivels.

Plug Valve

These Plug Valves are designed to meet the needs and requirements of the oilfield. They can withstand the high erosion rates and pressures encountered in today’s operating environment

Integral Fittings

Fittings are constructed of high strength forged alloy steel and completed with our union end connections

Hamer Union

Windlass Engineers & Services offers a comprehensive range of standard and sour gas Hammer Unions.

Steel Hoses

Used in a variety of high pressure well service applications & Utilize swivel joint & hammer union end connections for fast and secure make up & breakout operations

Our Location

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