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Clippard items in UAE | Clippard Suppliers in Dubai: We are the only Official Distributor for Clippard items in UAE. It is the most trusted names in the design and manufacture of miniature fluid control solutions.  Clippard instrument laboratory provides thousands of standard and special pneumatic products. These products helps engineers to design efficient fluid control solutions.


Quality people providing the highest quality products.

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Below are the types of products that clippard is supplying to the industry.

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  • Valves

Selecting the proper valve is time taking process. Using a broad choice of pneumatic valves, you can meet the specific needs of your application. Valves are used to direct and control the working energy transmitted pneumatically.


  • Electronic valves
  • Isolation valves
  • Manually operated direction control valves
  • Air pilot valves
  • Control valves

For complete list of valves please visit the Clippard Website.

  • Pneumatic Cylinders

In the early 1950’s, Clippard introduced miniature pneumatic cylinders and valves to the industry. No other company can match Clippard’s level of experience and knowledge of miniature components. These cylinders are used to produce force combined with linear, powered by high pressure compressed air or gas.Best Camping Tent


  • Noiseless in operation.
  • Simple installation.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compact size.
  • Air Preparation Equipment

Clippard prepare compressed air for use in fluid power systems. Pneumatic applications with properly conditioned air will be long lasting, cost effective and enhance system efficiency.

  • Fittings, Hose & Tubing

Choose from the huge assortment of tiny tube and hose too, from copper and nylon tube to elastic urethane and vinyl. Clippard precision fittings are small in size but large in performance thus eliminating the need for larger and more expensive fittings. When designing a pneumatic circuits Clippard fittings insure that you find the right fit from large variety of options.


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