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If you are looking for safety helmets in dubai then you are at right place. Even on a well-run site, head injuries can still happen so safety helmets should be worn. A lot of workers were died or received severe head injuries before the use of safety helmets in working areas. Safety Helmets are a protective gear to shield your face and head. More specifically, a safety helmet function is to secure your skull during the incident.

So the question is that how do we protect our heads? What are the essential measurements to maintain our protection? In this article, you would find satisfactory answers to all the questions in your mind. PPE Products Supplier In Dubai

Why we need Safety Helmets?

The protection of workers is an essential element of every industry. In the Oil and Gas sector or construction industry employers are more vulnerable, specifically human head. The head is a very delicate part of the human body. Injuries of the head can be severe, so the prevention of the head is so important, which is parallel to your strength.

There are some statistics of Europe where several peoples died just because of head injuries. The Safety helmet protects your head against the falling objects. Wearing helmet minimizes the vulnerability of serious injury. It generally protects the scalp area, neck, jaw and your hair entanglement. Air Compressor Supplier In Dubai

Types of Safety Helmets:

There are many types of head safety helmets. There is a considerable amount of choice when it comes to deciding, which helmet we should use. Most people thought that helmet is a hard hat which protects you from the falling objects. But it depends on the working conditions of the area. There are following specifications of helmets which employers should know.

  • Absorb the shock of a blow
  • Resist any penetration of the falling objects
  • Resist the water or any chemical
  • Burn slowly
  • Come with instructions that explain how to adjust and replace the helmets, suspension and headband
  • Electricity resistance

Buying Guide:

Many things need to be taken into consideration. As an employer, it should pursue the rule and regulations. Every country provides SOPs and instructions for safety measures. For example, in Uk, they have PPE which provide instructions regarding safety in the industries.

Color codes of the Safety helmet:

Different safety helmets color are used in the fields to differentiate between the employees. Below is the table of color and designation to understand it better. Welding Apron In Dubai


Where to Buy Safety helmets In Dubai?

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