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Safety shoes are durable footwear that provides protection to your foot while working in a hazardous environment. These shoes are quite bulky and not so stylish. They have a protective re-enforced toe, which saves your foot from falling objects, mainly on construction sites.

The safety of workers is essential for any company. That’s why many of the construction companies have strictly prohibited working without safety shoes. Such an example is Dubai, holding the world’s greatest architectural wonders; it does not allow its labor or site workers to work without safety shoes.

These shoes are mainly worn in the construction sites, and its toe is made up of steel, but nowadays, you can see a variety of other styles as well, which use amalgamated material.

The safety shoes were worn as fashion wear up until the late ’70s, but now they are strictly restricted for professional use only. Apart from having the safety of the impact, these shoes also provide safety from the electric shocks. For latest jobs in UAE please visit Dubizzle UAE

Some of these Shoes are also designed to provide safety from the chemical hazards as well. Every safety shoes have their own international standard marking that shows the level of protection that it offers from each type of hazard.

Where to Buy?

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Styles of Shoes

There is a wide variety of these available in the market nowadays, so choosing the one that suits your needs is a very challenging and daunting task. There are four main styles are available in the market nowadays.

  • Metatarsal Safety Shoes
    There are two Metatarsal bones in your foot. One is located in the center of your foot and the other under the ball of your foot. These bones are exceptionally delicate, and even a small impact can damage them, so keep them safe in a hazardous environment is essential. These shoes protect your Metatarsal bones with a protective guard.
  • Steel Toe Safety Shoes
    These shoes have protective gear on the toe made from steel. These kinds of shoes are recommended for construction sites and are very bulky in size. They provide little to no safety from electric hazards but are very effective against the substantial impacts.Best Torque Wrench
  • Composite Safety Shoes
    Composite Safety Shoes are very lightweight shoes that provide safety against both impact and electric hazards. People tend to incline more towards the Composite Safety Shoes as compare to the old school Steel Toe Safety Shoes.
  • Electrostatic Dissipative Shoes (EDS)
    These are another type of shoes that are suitable for the environments with electrostatic build-up. These shoes use insulating materials that reduce the flow of charge from the boots into the ground hence decreasing the chance of electrocution. Anti Slip Products


Who are the end-users for these shoes?

There is an inclusive range of occupations that require these shoes to work. Below is the brief guide to professions and the boots which suit them the most.

Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers often visit sites that have high impact hazards. So, wearing a pair of Steel Toe Safety Shoes can reduce the impact marginally. Steel Toe shoes are weighty to walk around with, so if you are not so comfortable with them, then try wearing Composite Safety Shoes.

Labor Workers

For the people who are working in construction areas going with simple Metatarsal Safety Shoes is the better option. This shoe not only provides the necessary safety but is also very light to wear. This shoe offers protection from puncture along with saving your metatarsal bone.


For an electrician, the safety of impact is not much of a need in most cases. The security from electric shock and electrocution is essential for them. For this purpose, Electro Static Dissipative Shoes will work the best. These shoes will reduce the chance of any electric shock or electrocution. A Composite Shoe with a well-insulated sole will also work fine.

Industrial Environment

For those who are related to the industrial environment, Steel Toe Safety shoes will do the job. These shoes not only provide protection from impacts, but they are also waterproof and heat resistant. You can choose from ankle boot style or the leg style depending upon your needs. Some of them come with shock-absorbing sole and padded collar for extra protection.

Office Environment

You do not need safety shoes if you are working in an office, but if the situation arrives, you can go for simple oxford style Composite Safety Shoes. They are not only decent in style, but they also provide a lot of safety.


These Shoes are quite expensive, so it is essential to take good care of them to get a good life out of those shoes. Here are some tips to take care of your shoes

    • Many of them are not waterproof so, use the water-resistant spray if you are using them on rainy days.
    • If shoes are made up of leather, use conditioners to maintain its look and keep them in good condition.
    • Don’t let the dirt pile up on the shoes. Make sure to brush them every day.
    • Store the boots in a warm and dry place.
    • If your shoes get wet, make sure to dry them properly before putting them in the store.
    • Do not place the shoes directly in the store after taking them off, consider putting them in the air for 15 to 20 minutes.

Following these tips will not only give a pleasant experience wearing these shoes, but it will also increase the life span of shoes.




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