Miniature Valve

Miniature Valve is a 2-way, Normally-Closed miniature whisker valve for use with bleed pressure piloted control circuits. The valve's coil spring, stainless steel whisker is easily replaceable and can be formed to different shapes.

  • Medium: Air
  • Switching Speed: 125 Hz, Normally-Open
  • Input Pressure: 150 psig/10 bar max.
  • Air Flow: 28 l/min @ 50 psig; 42 l/mim @ 100 psig
  • Force for Full Stem Travel: 1/4 oz. approx.
  • Mounting: 5/16-24 male thread; nut and lock washers furnished.
  • Bleed: To atmosphere around whisker stem
  • Whisker: Stainless steel, approx. 3" (76.2) length

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